Our story.

Why do we do this?

2007 was a life-changing experience as a parent for me. One week we had a
happy, healthy son, the next week we found out he had a brain tumor with a high
probability of not making it through the surgery. After the surgery, it left him
paralyzed from the neck down. He regained some use of his right side quickly but
he is still paralyzed on the left side even today. I spent 2 months with him in the
hospital, night and day, and 3 years of PT, OT, and several other therapies
including SCUBA Diving therapy, and, of course, lots of prayers. Today he walks,
runs, and does anything he puts his mind to! It was during this time that I realized
how Scuba Diving and HBOT are extremely beneficial to people with brain injuries.
It is one of the reasons David Jr... AKA “Scuba Jr.” has recovered so well. I
started The Scuba Gym to bring Scuba Diving to people with Special Needs, and
what a blessing it has been. ~ David J Lawrence Sr.

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